Planning, analysis, and design of utility engineering systems to support new development or to replace obsolete and deteriorated facilities are an important part of the services provided by Thornton Engineering LLP.

While working for private developers or public clients, we have developed creative, cost-effective and technically correct designs meeting the unique demands of each installation.

Our extensive utilities engineering experience includes the design of new gravity and pressure sewer systems, the design of cost-effective sewer rehabilitation projects, the design of new water distribution mains, and the design of small community water treatment systems. Services provided by Thornton Engineering include:

Water / Sanitary District Formation

  • District mapping
  • Boundary descriptions
  • Engineer’s report
  • Construction cost estimates
  • Financial analysis

Water Systems

  • Hydraulic analysis/network design
  • Backflow prevention design
  • Booster pump systems
  • Water treatment systems
  • Construction plans, details and specifications
  • DOH permits

Sanitary Sewer Systems

  • Gravity sewer design and layout
  • Low pressure sewer systems
  • Wastewater pump stations and force mains
  • Construction plans, details and specifications
  • NYSDEC permits

Thornton Engineering LLP is a professional and highly qualified provider of utility engineering.