Thornton Engineering LLP has provided transportation engineering for the design and construction of highways, airports, and railway facilities within the northeast United States. Our experience ranges from small residential street rehabilitation projects to multi-lane expressways. While we are well versed in the rigorous engineering standards placed upon our system of interstate highways and with the design policies of the New York State Department of Transportation, we are also aware that each project typically requires creative design adaptations to meet the unique demands of the site while maintaining accepted design criteria and safety standards.

        Railway Facilities

We are also one of the select group of engineering firms with the technical knowledge, experience, and qualifications to provide airport engineering services in Rochester, NY and throughout the northeast. The completion of several airport design and construction projects has given us a thorough understanding of the necessary infrastructure to support air travel. Our familiarity with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules, policies and standards in conjunction with our professional relationships with FAA and state aviation officials, allows us to offer comprehensive airport engineering services for a wide array of airport improvement projects.

Transportation engineering services offered by Thornton Engineering include:

Transportation Planning

  • Traffic impact analyses
  • Intersection safety evaluations
  • Feasibility studies
  • Environmental assessments
  • Cost-benefit analyses

Airport and Aviation Engineering Services

  • Airport Layout Plans and Master Plans
  • Obstruction surveys
  • Pavement condition surveys
  • Aircraft parking apron design
  • Runway and taxiway design
  • Airfield lighting design
  • Heliport design

Highway Design

  • Design reports
  • Alignment and profile design
  • Pavement design
  • Drainage design
  • Utility relocation and design
  • Signage and pavement markings layout
  • Maintenance and protection of traffic plans
  • Detour design
  • Signalized intersection design
  • Technical specifications