A Civil Engineering Company Servicing Monroe County and Surrounding Counties

The partners’ extensive engineering experience has prepared us to undertake assignments of significant complexity requiring multi-disciplined engineering solutions. Thornton Engineering has been a civil engineer with many projects completed in Monroe County.

With the goal on every project being the achievement of client satisfaction, a commitment is made on each assignment to provide civil engineering consultant services that exceed expectations, delivered on time and within budget. Maintenance of a relatively small staff yields unparalleled value on every project since the company principals play an active role in each engineering assignment. The daily involvement of the most experienced and knowledgeable engineering staff assures the development of the most appropriate solutions to each obstacle encountered during the completion of the work (in Monroe County and throughout New York).

We believe that our track record for providing civil engineering service is exemplary.

We fully understand the impacts that missed schedules and unplanned expenditures can have on your operational budgets. We are aware that cost overruns and fee escalation typically result from an inadequate and inaccurate project scoping process, poor project management, and/or schedule slippage; and we take significant actions during each project to carefully monitor each parameter.

Equipped with the experience and knowledge of what it takes to get a job completed, we carefully develop accurate project scopes that will lead to reasonable and fair determinations of professional fees. We employ project management tools such as project cost control reports that allow us to carefully manage the company’s resources to provide a successful product that meets the client’s needs and budget. Our network of trained professionals allows us to call upon an extensive team of support personnel to assure that the work is completed in a timely manner so that schedules are maintained.

When it comes to selecting a professional civil engineering company in Monroe County and surrounding counties, be sure to contact Thornton Engineering LLP. Phone: 585-624-4810 or Email: info@thorntoneng.com.